Concept Schooling

OMEI has spent years researching, developing and documenting material on ‘concept schooling’. Curriculums defined by all boards are no exceptions to concept-based texts. However, it is the methodology that differentiates the system of practice. OMEI is in view that concept based classrooms not only stresses on logical reasoning and critical thinking but extends the experience for life long learning for both the facilitator and the students.

Over the last decade a team of enthused group of individuals conducted research across many schools (a large number within Karnataka) to study the ways in which children best learn in different environments. The research presented a strong case for children from grade six and onwards learning most effectively when teaching was withdrawn and children were made researchers and teachers in their own right to explore, collate and communicate material to his/ her fellow classmates. It challenged the conventional chalk and board technique and placed the teacher out of the teaching domain. It placed teacher as a true enabler to assist students in research and guide students to be cautious of misconceptions.

Outcome of the series of workshops conducted by the team, restrained teachers from their natural urges to teach and direct which completely transformed the class environment. Giving autonomy to the students to work in groups to research materials from across mediums made the class an active forum for reasoning, critical and collective thinking.

Materials presented to them ranged from audio/visual material online, journals and books from the school library, home referencing (conversations with family members and friends) made learning a richer experience allowing children to construct their own knowledge with pointed guidance by facilitators proved the study consistent regardless of boards, medium of instruction and contexts in which the school operated.